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If you dream of working in women’s wellness, now’s your time.

Message from Lisa

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Lisa Grace Byrne and I’m the founder and director of WellGrounded Institute. I have a passion for helping women nurture and maintain their well-being and vitality…but my personal story begins in motherhood.

When I became a mother, I had no idea how it would shake up my world.

Even with academic degrees in biochemistry and public health, I found myself completely unprepared to take care of my own well-being while caring for my children and running my home.

The stress, depression, and overwhelm left me reeling, and as much as I love my family, I also felt frustrated and unfulfilled.

(Which naturally made me feel selfish and ungrateful. Shouldn’t my family be enough to keep me happy?)

This is the same catch-22 I hear from women I work with all around the world. There seems to be three competing needs vying for our focus all the time- the care of our families, the care of our own well-being, and our inner need for personal growth and purpose.

For a while I believed they were all on opposite teams fighting it out on a daily basis.

Until a different truth emerged.

Meaningful work was an essential PART of what makes me feel whole.

They weren’t “competing” needs as much as they were all important pieces of the bigger puzzle.

What starts to happen when we consistently, over long stretches of time, deny our truest dreams for the sake of our family is we stop shining so brightly. We diminish the very thing we want to give those we love … our best selves.

Over time, personally, I learned that meaningful work was part of what kept me feeling fulfilled, happy, and growing.

Your work is an essential part of your life ~ you should get to love it all.

For years now, I’ve developed and taught classes to moms on how to gain back their own well-being and vitality. That’s how Replenish 365, my comprehensive women’s wellness program was created that I now lead annually.

It’s been an incredible gift to serve in this way and see the impact reverberate through each one of them.

And as these women began to restore their own well-being and vitality through self care, I began to hear the same need for meaningful work surface for so many of them as well.

Many of the women in my programs would approach me saying they wished they could do what I was doing.

They wanted to teach wellness to other tapped out women and moms who needed it just as badly as they did before they got involved with WellGrounded Life’s programs.

They wanted to begin doing meaningful work that tapped into their own interests and passions…and impacted others helping them restore their well-being, too..

The only problem was they didn’t know where to start.

Sound familiar?

If the idea of working as a women’s wellness educator lights something up within you, but you fear saying yes to a new career path will require more time or energy than you have, I’m here to show you how you can make this work for you and your family.

And I would absolutely love to give you the specific tools, resources, education and support to help you do it.

That’s why I’ve created and designed this truly comprehensive program, which gives you everything you need to create a sustainable, prosperous business rooted in science-based wellness education.

The WGI Women’s Wellness Educator Certification Program opens new training classes twice a year.

Our next training session will open Fall 2018.

If you are interested in Wellness Educating, download our free guide below and we’ll be sure to share with you when our next training session is open for enrollment!

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5 Reasons Wellness Educating May Be Right For You… (and 3 reasons it most likely is not!)

Discerning your next step is not always easy. So we put together a simple guide to highlight the top 5 reasons women are a great fit for becoming a wellness educator…and also 3 reasons that indicate wellness educating may not be a great fit. Download this brief guide as you consider whether certification as a women’s wellness educator is right for you!

This program has provided me with an anchor for my self development, and a road map in terms of hope for the future.

I’m just so grateful for this opportunity to create a life that feels more meaningful and vibrant. You anchor me and give me a sense of hope that I will be able to fulfill my calling to inspire others and help people.

Robin Waters, Nourished Within
It hasn’t met my expectations – it’s gone beyond them! I knew it would be good, but I really couldn’t have imagined how amazing the materials would be and the impact they’ve had and will have.

Enlightening, encouraging, confidence-boosting, (this program) gives me a vision for my own health and the work I want to do

Vered Ehsani, Maisha Health